WiFi for your Business

WiFi for Restaurants

RestaurantProviding free WiFi in your restaurant encourages customers to checkin where they are in social media and take pictures of what they eat at the moment to be seen in social media.

What’s more, Cyberpoint Social WiFi enables you to multiply this extra value by encouraging more repeat visits from existing customers and their friends and family.

WiFi Internet for Cafés

Every day people use cafes for a place to meet friends, conduct business or to just sit quietly and watch the world go by. If you take a good look round, you’ll see that most of them are on smart phones, tablets or laptops.

Many café offers free Wi-Fi these days as they know that it’s pivotal to draw in customers and secure their repeat custom – but what if your Wi-Fi can help you promote your business and at the same time learn more about your customer? Cyberpoint Social WiFi provide you that solution.

WiFi for Hotels

hotelFree WiFi is now the ‘must have’ amenity more people look for when booking a hotel. A recent survey showed that people thought WiFi was more essential than a free breakfast!

It’s a reflection of just how indispensable the internet has become in our lives. It also shows how frustrating it is for hotels guests when they don’t get internet access.

WiFi for Shops / Retail

Retail environments have a unique opportunity to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people who are thinking about making a purchase. Providing free WiFi for your customers may seem like an unlikely way to increase revenues. But what if your WiFi could pay for itself by engaging with customers and encouraging them to buy?

Imagine a WiFi system that enables you to send friendly messages, updates and offers to every customer who uses it. You can do this long after their visit to encourage them to return.

What’s more, the system also makes sure that your customers give your shop(s) or shopping centre a Facebook ‘Like’ so promoting you to all their friends and family.

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