Wi-Fi Hotspot for Hotels, Resorts and the Hospitality Industry


We all know that Wi-Fi feature in the Hospitality industry is a must nowadays. People bring their gadgets whenever they travel to stay connected whether for business or personal updates online.

The Wi-Fi is here for quite a long time but we always just used the primitive way of having a general password to be shared with our hotel guests which becomes uncontrollable in usages and the service will suffer.

Cyberpoint Wi-Fi was developed to address this problem in an affordable way. It is design to be the simplest, powerful and lowest cost managed wi-fi solution in the hospitality industry like hotels, pension houses, resorts, inns and more.

Cyberpoint Wi-Fi solutions offers you unique password or codes to your hotel guests and set limits on number of access time usage. It is professionally manage with captive portal so your guest can see your brand before using the internet. It has so many features unlike the ordinary wi-fi routers you get on the computer stores.

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