How You Make Money on WiFi Hotspot?

1. Wi-Fi Revenue: You make money every time someone walks into your venue, opens their WiFi-enabled Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones and accesses the internet. With CYBERPOINT Wi-Fi, even people sitting in their car outside your venue must pay you to access the internet!

2. Increase Sales: Wi-Fi attracts customers to your venue. If you are a coffee shop – you’ll sell more coffee. If you are a dormitory, you’ll sell more room. If you are a Pub or Bar, you’ll sell more beer while your customers enjoy checking their social media accounts and checking-in online though your WiFi connection!

3. Promotional Offers: Each WiFi Gateway comes with a custom captive page (portal) – which all users first see when they open their web browser, and a thank-you web page – which customers will see after they successfully log in. You can post your business information details as well as any promotional offers you have.

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