Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyberpoint Wifi?
Cyberpoint is a Wi-Fi Hotspot Management System that allows venue owners to offer Free and/or Pay-Per-Use WiFi service at their establishment.

Our system provides you with:
– manage and controlled WiFi access to the public.
– prepaid cards to be sold to your patrons with 50/50 sharing
– generate reports on sales, usage, etc.
– customise Wi-Fi login pages to your brand and theme.
– save you from paying huge infrastructure costs for the service.
– focus on what you do best, while we look after the technical details.

How does Cyberpoint offer its Services?
We offer our Manage Wi-Fi Hotspot service for venue owners who wants to setup a Wi-Fi service on there premises. To get started you need to buy our Wi-Fi Hotspot Gateway at a very affordable cost and we will professionally manage it for you remotely.

Where can I intall this Service?
Cyberpoint Wi-Fi hotspot works anywhere. You can install the Wi-Fi Gateway anywhere in the world where there is broadband Internet connection. We can manage the hardware once it is connected to the Internet.

Do you provide Internet connection for the service?
No, we do not provide Internet connection for the service. You will need to provision your own Internet connection and connect a Cyberpoint configured wireless router to it. The requirement is to have a stable broadband Internet connection, it can be an ADSL, Cable, etc.

Once you have provisioned the Internet connection, you can connect the wireless router directly to the ADSL modem, or to an existing local network (LAN).

What is the coverage distance within a Wi-Fi hotspot?
The coverage distance of a wireless router/access point can usually cover a range up to 50m within an enclosed environment, depending on the characteristics of the location. Physical obstructions such as solid objects (such as timber, metal, partitions, water, etc.) will reduce the coverage distance. The link/signal quality will degrade in performance and speed when the Wi-Fi user is farther away from the wireless access point.

How can I extend the range of my Wi-Fi Hotspot?
A wireless coverage area is within 50m, depending on the characteristics of the location. You can extend the coverage area by adding more of our Access Point which is capable of a mesh network extending the Wi-Fi coverage to a large area even a building or compound.

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