Earn Big with CYBERPOINT’s Income Generating Wi-Fi Service


Press Release (Philippines): With Cyberpoint Wifi Solutions, anyone can generate income with their wireless internet based Wi-Fi services for business owners. Each turnkey solution includes web-based authentication, remote management and plug-n-play configurations.

Cyberpoint is offering a perfect opportunity for business owners to double or triple their income. Rest assured, Cyberpoint will take care of the end-to-end process of creating, maintaining and even profiting from an Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot. With their Wi-Fi Gateway, business owners can offer Wi-Fi services that can support all Wi-Fi enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones.

An independent Wi-Fi Equipment and Service Provider, Cyberpoint allows users to choose the best ISP connection since they are not affliated with any Telcos. Setup is definitely easy as they take care of the Wi-Fi hotspot including supplying, configuring, maintaining and managing the Wi-Fi System.

By installing Cyberpoint’s low cost Business Class Wi-Fi Gateway, business owners are ready to generate revenue from active internet users. Cyberpoint will manage it all for those who are interested, including giving out supplies of Wi-Fi Access cards which customers can purchase to let them surf online. No need for merchant account since Cyberpoint processes everything themselves.

This is a perfect income generating business to turn establishments such as dormitories and coffee shops into a Wi-Fi enabled establishment. Users will be given turnkey, ready to go Wi-Fi gateway, branded splash page including posters, sticker signs, streamers and more marketing tools.

No technical knowledge is requires as Cyberpoint will do the job for the clients to let them focus on their businesses. Cyberpoint Wi-Fi Service works with all connections such as cable and DSL broadband connection.

To get started, simply purchase their Wi-Fi Business in a Box Gateway Kit to select one of their service plans. To learn more about their services and plans, feel free to visit www.cyberpointwifi.com. Sign up today and gain more customers like you’ve always wanted.

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