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Cyberpoint Social Wi-Fi Launch

Cyberpoint Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions announced today its new service, the Cyberpoint Social Wi-Fi which utilize the Facebook Wi-Fi application to enhance guest Wi-Fi usage in its clients locations.

The new service will greatly benefit retail shops, coffee shops and other business locations with lots of walk-in customers. Contact us for more details and proposal.


How You Make Money on WiFi Hotspot?

1. Wi-Fi Revenue: You make money every time someone walks into your venue, opens their WiFi-enabled Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones and accesses the internet. With CYBERPOINT Wi-Fi, even people sitting in their car outside your venue must pay you to access the internet! 2. Increase Sales: Wi-Fi attracts customers to your venue. If you are… Continue Reading

Elon Musk SpaceX’s satellite for internet Around the World

Happy New Year everyone! Its confirmed Elon Musk is working on a internet satellite that would allow more accessible internet for all of us around the world specially outside the industrialized nations. Once this will work, the internet would be more affordable and reliable anywhere you are on earth. His company SpaceX is on an… Continue Reading

Earn Big with CYBERPOINT’s Income Generating Wi-Fi Service

Press Release (Philippines): With Cyberpoint Wifi Solutions, anyone can generate income with their wireless internet based Wi-Fi services for business owners. Each turnkey solution includes web-based authentication, remote management and plug-n-play configurations. Cyberpoint is offering a perfect opportunity for business owners to double or triple their income. Rest assured, Cyberpoint will take care of the… Continue Reading

How to best locate your WiFi?

A PhD student in physics has mapped his own apartment and applied a so-called Hemholtz equations to model the electromagnetic waves of the wi-fi device on his blog. He found out that the best spot for his wi-fi device was directly in the center of his apartment as what we always thought about. His experiments… Continue Reading

Katerc’lei Lodge & Serviced Apartelle Wi-Fi Feature

Cyberpoint Wi-Fi newest customer is Katerc’lei Lodge & Serviced Apartelle located at 7th St., Guingona Subd., Butuan City. They are now using Cyberpoint’s state of the art Wi-Fi hotspot system for their guest to have great wireless internet access experience. When you are in Butuan City for Leisure or Business travel checkout Katerc’lei Hotel for… Continue Reading

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